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Let's work together to fortify your network to protect your business, personal, and financial assets.

Information and Operational Security
Custom Tailored Solutions
Custom tailored to client's specific needs. Every engagement is refined for what is required. Level 4 CJIS & HIPAA certified. I have worked with law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency services including but not limited to hospitals and doctor offices.
Cyber Security Analysis
Attack simulations measure your network security, and prepare your team for dealing with a breach in a controlled environment by performing remote consulting which includes network testing and security assessment.
Threat Mitigation and Intel
After an assessment we can plan scalable security solutions with the network in order to make it run more efficiently and avoid data breech.
Web Application Testing
Be it black box, grey box or white box testing, this is an assessment of the security of your website and any services running that may be vulnerable to attackers seeking a pivot point into your network, to steal your customer data, or deface your website.
Vulnerability Assessment
Scan and assessment of your internet-facing computers and services. While no vulnerabilities will be exploited they will be reported in a clear and concise way so that they can be understood and mitigated by suggesting beneficial network updates.
Network Security Audit
External and Internal Attack Simulation: as per a mutual agreement of scope and rules of engagement, we will conduct a penetration test and offer mitigation strategies to the vulnerabilities that threat actors would use to compromise your company's network and steal your data.
Incident Response
I have spent years helping companies of various security levels strengthen their network security, repair damage from viral infections and ransomware, as well as migrating hardware and software platforms and upgrade software programs. After an engagement and network security is audited we will construct a plan for mitigation of any vulnerabilities.
Network Defense Strategies
I'm an expert at thinking like attackers, and that is critical when considering your company's defensive security model and posture. I will provide answers to clients by identifying problems; researching answers; guiding the client through corrective steps. I will provide the tactics, tools, and plan for you to manage system information security architecture, design, installation, operational planning. And provide risk remediation details on servers and systems network wide to ensure all systems are secured.
Forensics and Breach Analysis
Many breaches go unnoticed for months and in that time attackers can be stealing important personal and financial data. Many Antivirus and Intrusion Detection System products are implemented with little to no understanding of the client’s specific business risks. Through digital forensics and learning the inner workings of your business, I will guide you using tailored engagements to assess your risk, exposure, educate your employees, and create plans to improve network and operational security.
Red Team Engagement
Full scope physical and network penetration testing starting with OSINT, Recon, Enumeration, Social Engineering, Exploitation, Privilege Escalation, Exfiltration, Clean Up and Full debriefing report. A team of operators will work while overseen by, and communicating with the head of your security along the way as they test every aspect of your information and operational security. It is advised that only a director or manager of security knows of the engagement to get reliable and fair assessment of your current security posture. Together we can debrief the whole team after the engagement of what areas are strong and what are some problem areas that we can help better your security posture. Ultimately our job is to train the staff and mitigate security issues so bad guys get caught, This type of exercise will help your security team be better equipped to spot real malicious actors.
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